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  • Orgone Energy Generators Phone Radiation Shielding
    We provide highly effective Orgone generators, Orgone Energy Domes, Cell Phone Radiations Shields, Orgone jewelry, Radiation Shielding & our truly amazing Geoclense EMR harmonizers. Protect your family from these noxious energies and watch your health and well-being improve, & bring the energy of nature back into your home. Remove electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress & EMF Radiation from Digital Televisions and iPhones with Orgone Energy. Our amazing new Computer / iPhone Radiation shields combat Digital Radiation that comes off Digital iPhones screens which cause headaches.

  • TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment Healing & Energy Healing Products
    Home treatment, self healing treatment for resolving jaw pain, tmj issues, back pain, jaw pain, neck pain joint pain, headaches, stress, anxiety and more. Balance the jaw, balance your whole body, resolving years of stress, pain and emotional issues. Easily heal jaw pain, quickly, effectively and fast. This non-invasive, non-manipulative & effective By relaxing the muscles around the jaw with healing energy the TMJ can reset to its correct position. Resetting the Jaw using this technique, the muscular, skeletal, nervous and endocrine systems, meridians & hydration of the whole body are balanced. Wall Chart and RESET Jaw Correction Technique set ideal for Health Practitioners and dental staff.

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