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  • Ayurveda Holistic Center
    Three-year certification leading to Ph.D. (distance learning/local), Ayurveda Encyclopedia, consultations, herbal products, free article library, free dosha self-test, research and chatroom

  • Jiva Institute
    Ayurvedic information center aims to revive Vedic culture in modern society. Access educational resources or the online health center.

  • Cyber Ayurveda
    On-line university for Ayurveda, and other allied sciences. Learn about the history of Ayurveda, tips for healthy life, Ayurvedic consultation, herbal beauty tips, and message boards.

  • Shruti Ayurveda
    Shruti International Ayurved Academy conducts Ayurvedic Courses on different subjects like, Self pulse diagnosis, Diet,digestion and nutrition, Basic Principles of Ayurveda. etc There are rejuvenative panchakarma programs for many chronic ailments and also for healthy people. Specially designed detoxificaton and purification programs for ladies as mentioned in the women health section. Practicing,teaching,propogating ayurveda worldwide. 20 years professional experience. Panchakarma expert including keraliya panchakarma.MAHARISHI AWARD winner. Chief Ayurvedic Medical Directors & founder SHRUTI INTERNATIONAL AYURVED ACADEMY & PANCHAKARMA SPECIALITY CENTER.Worked as a chief Ayurveda Consultant in USA for almost 5 years.Conducting special programmes courses on different subjects in ayurveda. Expert in creating programmes for Spa,Panchakarma clinic.


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