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  • Goldberg Clinic
    Dr. Goldberg has worked with thousands of patients in reversing chronic diseases. He has published extensively, and is well known for his high success rate. Detoxification and natural hygiene methods.

  • The Wolfe Clinic
    Darrell L. Wolfe. Guides chronically ill clients into vital health with personalized nutritional programs, cutting edge products, and unlimited support. Telephone nutritional consultations.

  • Morosko's
    Provides services in colonic irrigation, massage therapy and sells Vit-Ra-Tox products. Includes details about the practice and its services. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas.

  • Colon Care Center
    Located in Roswell, Georgia. Offers information about the Colon Hydrotherapist as well as the colon hydrotherapy. Also who may benefit from this therapy and some information about toxic waste.

  • Warm Springs Wellness Center and I-ACT Certified School for Colon Hydrotherapy
    Water is the most amazing substance on earth. Water is the earth's gift to you in its natural ability to heal, restore, and renew. The healing properties of water are a perfect antidote to the many ailments that arise from an unhealthy digestive system. They are also the foundation for Warm Springs Wellness Center offering natural, holistic therapies in a soothing, tranquil environment. Warm Springs Wellness is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse who has dedicated herself to safe, compassionate, clinically effective care. It is a unique place with a special history. Colon hydrotherapy--Ionic footbaths--Infrared sauna -- their science can be your serenity a proven pathway to feeling, looking and living healthier. Warm Springs Wellness welcomes you to that journey.

  • Whole Body Cleanse
    Do a whole body cleanse and grow older gracefully. Why do you have to suffer knee pains, muscle aches or pigmented skin as you get older. Not necessary if you cleanse your organs. Whole body cleanse includes a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a kidney cleanse and the "jewel" of all cleansing...the liver gallbladder cleanse.


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