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  Acutouch Acutouch (5)
  Apitherapy Apitherapy (22)
  Ayurveda Ayurveda (92)
  Biofeedback Biofeedback (52)
  Breathwork Breathwork (47)
  Color Therapies Color Therapies (48)
  Crystals Crystals (62)
  Ear Candling Ear Candling (12)
  Essences Essences (36)
  Fasting and Cleansing Fasting and Cleansing (80)
  Folk Medicine Folk Medicine (56)
  Huna Huna (36)
  Iridology Iridology (23)
  Ozone Therapy Ozone Therapy (14)
  Palmtherapy Palmtherapy (5)
  Practitioners Practitioners (322)
  Resources Resources (181)
  Trepanation Trepanation (11)
  Urine Therapy Urine Therapy (6)
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  • Vitamins
    This site features in-depth information on an enormous range of vitamins and minerals required for the healthy lifestyle. There are also articles on health based nutrition, cooking, fitness, aging and lifestyle issues.

  • Home remedies and natural cures
    A collection of home remedies for common ailments and health issues, such as diabetes, asthma, constipation, acne, anxiety, depression, insomnia, colds and flu. Includes information on the health benefits of individual herbs, supplements, and more.

  • TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment Healing & Energy Healing Products
    Home treatment, self healing treatment for resolving jaw pain, tmj issues, back pain, jaw pain, neck pain joint pain, headaches, stress, anxiety and more. Balance the jaw, balance your whole body, resolving years of stress, pain and emotional issues. Easily heal jaw pain, quickly, effectively and fast. This non-invasive, non-manipulative & effective By relaxing the muscles around the jaw with healing energy the TMJ can reset to its correct position. Resetting the Jaw using this technique, the muscular, skeletal, nervous and endocrine systems, meridians & hydration of the whole body are balanced. Wall Chart and RESET Jaw Correction Technique set ideal for Health Practitioners and dental staff. It was after experiencing amazing results with Kinesiology and through her own understanding after recovering from a debilitating illness that gave Karen the desire to study Kinesiology and to help others. From her extensive training, personal experience and working with clients for since 1991 & has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge. Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive and powerful method of healing that uses muscle monitoring to identify and locate stresses and blocks in the physical and subtle bodies. By using muscle response as biofeedback, the trained Kinesiologist can interpret the right course of treatment to facilitate healing, by identifying specific emotion issues.

  • Medicine Talk
    Medicine Talk is an online community that provides scientific-based health information from a Naturopathic perspective. We offer many different types of resources to help people take control of their health through self-education. Our information has been well-researched and verified by a Naturopathic Doctor. We offer a number of free resources. Our mission is to provide high-quality information that is founded upon Naturopathic principles and is supported by research, clinical evidence, and scientific knowledge in order to provide individuals with the opportunity to educate themselves.

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