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  Friends of the Western Buddhist Order Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (97)
  New Kadampa New Kadampa (89)
  Nichiren Nichiren (201)
  Pure Land and Shin Pure Land and Shin (110)
  Shingon Shingon (14)
  Tendai Tendai (15)
  Theravada Theravada (320)
  Tibetan Tibetan (909)
  Untransmitted Untransmitted (17)
  Vietnamese Vietnamese (22)
  Won Won (2)
  Zen Zen (956)
  • Jen Chen Buddhism
    Jen Chen is a phonetical translation from Mandarin , meaning Humanity Vehicle. The term 'vehicle' in Buddhism is analogous to a conveyance of deliverance for sentient beings. The Buddha taught Five Vehicles of Buddhism. World Jen Chen Buddhism is dedicated to the promotion of the Humanity Vehicle Buddhsim. (The other four vehicles are Deva, Sravaka, Pratyeka-Buddha and Bodhisattva Vehicles.) World Jen Chen Buddhism was founded by Venerable Master Shen-Kai and it aims to purify the human mind and promote a bliss culture for humanity.

  • Kubose Dharma Legacy
    An approach based on the most basic Buddhist principles that pervade all Buddhist thought.  Rooted in the original teachings of Gautama Buddha, the Way of Oneness comes from the Japanese Mahayana tradition, reflecting both Shin and Zen Buddhist teachings.  Takes an open, eclectic approach concentrating on individual spiritual growth.

  • HÜMÜH: The Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom
    A Buddhist sect that also embraces the teachings of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Mohammadism, among others. HÜMÜH contains the diamond or pure form teachings of all spirituality. They are transcendental in nature and open the individual practitioners Wisdom Eye, a state of being that leads to complete Enlightenment.



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