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  • Factors in the cycle of violence
    by Jim Hopper PhD -- If circumcision is sexual child abuse, how does that affect the male when he grows up? The sexual abuse of boys and its lasting effects in the lives of men. How and why some abused boys become violent men.

  • An Iatrogenic Epidemic
    by George Denniston, M.D. - Circumcision in the United States is an epidemic caused by doctors, in other words, an iatrogenic epidemic. Iatrogenic comes from the Greek and simply means "caused by doctors." Many people think doctors use obscure words to try to avoid having other people not know what is going on. I am inclined to concur with them.

  • The Birth of Pain
    MRC News (London) - Summer 1998 - Pain has been a puzzle for many years. Now researchers are discovering that babies have quite different pain mechanisms to adults. -- "Reports in clinical and psychological literature indicate early injury or trauma can have long-term consequences on sensory or pain behavior that extend into childhood and beyond."

  • Dr. Greene
    Advice from a pediatrician for parents considering circumcision for a son. I now understand that had I waited, they would have been able to make this decision for themselves when they were older


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