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Child Health: Growth and Development

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  • Integrated Therapy for Children
    Integrated Therapy for Children provided by Judy Sommer offers help with children with learning difficulties including dyspraxia, clumsy child, developmental co-ordination disorder, slow learner, slow reader, speech delay, poor gross and fine motor skills and poor handwriting.

  • LaQuita's Speech-Language Development
    This personal site by a professional speech-language pathologist provides information on speech-language development in infants and toddlers. Find information about disorders of speech and language and where to seek help, on signs of impaired speech and language in small children and steps for remediating these disorders.

  • Preventing Harm
    New physician-authored research links chemicals widely used by industry and commonly found at home to developmental disabilities, including behavioral and learning disabilities.

  • Speech Delay
    Expert information on speech language development, disorders, milestones and stages of development; comprehensive ask the experts message board on speech and language issues.

  • First Signs, Inc.
    Information about developmental milestones and screening tools to detect early indications of social, emotional, communication, behavioral, and developmental disorders.


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