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  • Sid Smith
    Offering coaching to individuals and teams to enhance effectiveness, well-being, and overall impact in relationships, work, and the world. Oregon.

  • Empowerment Coaching
    "Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible." Aligning your focus and intention to create the manifestation you desire is the basis of my coaching. Inspiration, desire, enthusiasm, and action await you, as move live your empowered life.

  • Donna Landon
    Helps people define and utilize their gifts, balance their lives, strengthen their personal and spiritual foundations, and reach the goals they can't seem to reach alone. Telephone and email sessions. California.

  • RenewVia
    Provides coaching and mentoring in one-on-one as well as a collaborative environment. A program of collaborative coaching within the context of self-management. Washington.

  • Dreams & Vision
    Dreams & Vision offers conscious business management and consulting services focused on marketing communications and operations. With over 16 years experience, as well as, a profound and soulful understanding of the new age, metaphysical and alternative health fields, Dreams & Vision will elevate your business to its next opulent level, saving you time, resources, money and energy. A fog lifter and an anchor, Dreams & Vision bridges the gap between a brilliant idea and its realization.

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