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  • Coached to Success  pop
    Mentoring tips delivered by email messages. To help people know themselves, pay attention to their intentions, get from where they are to where they want to be and develop greater self-awareness.

  • Little Blue Plan-it Coaching ~ Dance in the Moment & Rock the World!  pop
    CPC Life Coach Jennifer Mount offers a holistic approach in working with her female clients as they gracefully move through change and transition (separation, divorce or grief over a loved one). She also specializes in helping women who are feeling unsatisfied, discouraged or who want to increase their self esteem. Benefits include increased body-mind awareness, clarity, balance and increased self esteem. Individual coaching takes place by phone or in person and can be tailored to fit in with your lifestyle. Classes, workshops and motivational speaking also available. Check out her website for more information.

  • Quiet Place
    Glynis Doorbar provides confidential Life Coaching for Career Parents, and calm feedback on life issues. Clients focus on a better controlled present and a more fulfilled future.

  • Chicago Executive Life Coach
    Over 10 years experience motivating small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and individuals in a career or life transition to master their goals and achieve successes beyond their wildest dreams. Complimentary coaching session available to all first time clients. Sessions conducted via telephone. Speaking, corporate training, mediation, management consulting and other services also offered.

  • Integrative Coaching with Karen -
    Karen Gould, certified intuitive, certified coach offers phone coaching utilizing advanced meridian therapy to quickly get to the root of any problem. Change the energy and you change the consciousness, change the consciousness and you change the experience.Free 15 minute phone demonstration. I will call you back and we can set up a time.

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