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Home: Conditions and Diseases: Immune Disorders: Auto-Immune: Sarcoidosis
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  • MUSC Sarcoidosis Center
    The Medical University of South Carolina (USA) Sarcoidosis Centre evaluates and provides treatment plans to patients who are referred by physicians throughout the state. Site also has disease description, appointment information, breaking news, physician directory, clinical trials, and other relevant information.

  • Sarcoidosis Center
    Hosted by a pulmonologist whose main interest is sarcoidosis, this site is designed for both patient and physician with an aim to link the sarcoid community for improved communication to share resources and knowledge. Features detailed explanations of sarcoidosis, references, FAQ, literature, names and address for medical and emotional support, as well as relevant internet links.

  • Sarcoidosis
    An extensive list of links from disease information to medical articles. Includes case studies and may be of particular assistance to physicians or those seeking more clinical information.

  • Sarcoid Connection
    Provides information and support. ICQ user list, chatroom, stories, poems, pictures, recipes, health tips, and inspirational messages. Also offers a support group in Bath-Brunswick, Maine, United States.

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