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Conditions and Diseases: Neurological Disorders: Headaches

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Home: Conditions and Diseases: Neurological Disorders: Headaches
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  • The International Headache Society
    Site contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in the diagnosis and treatment of headache. The IHS sets the clinical standards for diagnostic criteria and drug trials used by headache specialists around the world.

  • New York Headache Center
    Site offers general information on headache, as well as specific therapies offered at this facility, such as botox injections, acupuncture, magnesium infusion, feverfew, riboflavin, butterbur, oral appliances and other alternative or experimental therapies.

  • Head Talk
    Headache and migraine information. Features a headache screener, diary, and customized information on the disease and treatment options.

  • AHS: American Headache Society
    A professional society of health care providers dedicated to the study and treatment of headache and face pain. AHS brings together physicians and other health providers from various fields and specialties to share concepts and developments about headache and related conditions.

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