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  • National Heart Foundation
    American Health Assistance Foundation division, formed in 1985 to fund stroke and heart disease research and educate the public about these conditions. Its online materials include a stroke FAQ, medical illustrations, and articles concerning stroke symptoms and risk modification.

  • The Stroke Group
    Dedicated to advancing acute stroke management through innovative resources, including the B.E.S.T. EMS Stroke Training Program, Ethos Web-based stroke registry, and the "Quick & Easy" NIH Stroke Scale and Tutorial Program.

  • Peninsula Stroke Association
    Nonprofit organization serving Californians in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Its online home features answers to common questions about stroke and listings for community resources, volunteer opportunities, and related Web pages.

  • Pediatric Stroke Network
    Information and support for families who are dealing with stroke in infancy, childhood, or adolescence. PSN's online resources include fact sheets about pediatric stroke and its potential effects, directories of related news reports and research articles, and e-mail lists for families and teenaged survivors.

  • Canadian Stroke Network
    A multidisciplinary consortium of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to reducing the physical and societal consequences of stroke. Working together, members of the Network promote research, train investigators and clinicians, address issues of public policy, and foster partnerships among members of the research community, industry, and government.

  • European Stroke Initiative
    Joint initiative of the European Stroke Council, European Federation of Neurological Societies, and the European Neurological Society. EUSI's Internet-based resources include best practice guidelines, an acute-care training presentation, and listings for stroke support groups in European countries.

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