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  • American Burn Association
    The ABA is dedicated to: stimulating and sponsoring the study and research in acute care, rehabilitation, and prevention of burns; providing a forum for presentation of knowledge; fostering training opportunities for burn care professionals; and encouraging publications within the burn care field.

  • Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
    Recognizing that prevention education is essential to avoid the agony of burn injuries, the Burn Foundation has produced a variety of innovative prevention materials. Survivor assistance programs are designed to relieve emotional suffering, create opportunities for socializing, and help build the skills necessary to cope in a society that highly values physical appearance.

  • The KC Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation
    is an independernt, not for profit, volunteer organization, established with the goal of assisting in the recovery and rehabilitation of the burn patient. The foundation supports burn research and works towards the prevention of these injuries. The foundation serves in Kansas and Missouri. The membership consists of burn survivors, their families, firefighters, medical professionals and other interested persons.

  • Illinois Fire Safety Alliance
    Information for persons or groups with a common interest in fire safety, burn prevention, and public education, and promotional programs and disseminate information related to fire safety and burn prevention.

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