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Earth Sciences: Atmospheric Chemistry

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  • ORNL/ESD Atmospheric Chemistry & Aerosol Group
    Activities include research on airborne releases of mercury compounds, airborne mercury speciation, atmospheric deposition in mountainous terrain, atmospheric mercury cycling, biogeochemical cycling of mercury in northern wetlands, and development of laser-induced plasma spectroscopy for continuous multielemental emission monitoring.

    The EUREKA atmospheric environmental project on the Transport and Chemical Transformation of Environmentally Relevant Trace Constituents in the Troposphere over Europe.

  • University of New Hampshire, Global Atmospheric Chemistry Group
    A multidisciplinary group of researchers concerned with understanding the fundamental factors (both natural and anthropogenic) which determine the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere. Major research interests include quantifying and modeling emissions of atmospheric trace gases from global energy production and use, large-scale agroecosystems, tundra and boreal forest ecosystems, and tropical areas subject to deforestation.

  • Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry (CAC)
    At the University of York, Ontario, CAC was formed to foster cooperative research in atmospheric chemistry, to take a leading role in Canada in the education of a new generation of qualified atmospheric chemists, and to provide a communications link between York atmospheric chemists and the national and international atmospheric chemistry community.

  • Sentex Systems,inc.
    Specialists for MTBE monitoring, voc monitoring, gas chromatographs, portable and online gas chromatography instruments featuring purge and trap technology, air and water monitoring and volatile organic compound analyzers.

  • ATMOS User Center
    AUC provides the European atmospheric satellite data user community with direct and easy access to measurements and derived data products from satellite based sensors.

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