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  • Maritime World 2025, Greenwich, London, April 3-5, 2002.
    The purpose of this conference is to enhance awareness of potential changes in the world economic and political scene during the next 25 years associated with developments in the maritime world, and to assess the opportunities and challenges provided by the oceans for protecting, preserving and promoting sustainability. Each maritime industry, from shipping to mariculture, will be represented, sharing the platform with those concerned with the environment, law of the sea and international governance.

  • Coastal Dynamics 2001. Lund, Sweden, June 11-14, 2001.
    The Conference theme is Forcing and Response in Coastal Dynamics, where the forcing may be natural or anthropogenic. This theme recognizes the importance in coastal research of looking at coastal processes as cause and effect. The theme encompasses field, laboratory, theoretical, and numerical studies, with emphasis on achieving comprehensive understanding of coastal processes and prediction of long-term and large-scale evolution of our coastlines.

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