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  • Sonia's Oceanographic Lessons
    Familiarize yourself with the Antarctic marine ecosystem, hydrothermal vent communities and eelgrass habitats. The site contains lesson information, resource links, a student activity, and a self grading test with detailed answer sheet and remedial links, to help students assess their knowledge.

    This companion site to the new PBS series offers a collection of informative pieces and activities centered around the world's oceans. The site is divided into four principal sections, each of which features an article, brief sidebars, video clips, and in some cases, animations.

  • Argo Information Center
    A broad-scale global array of temperature/salinity profiling floats, known as Argo, is forming a major component of the ocean observing system, with deployments that began in 2000 and are ongoing. For the first time, the physical state of the upper ocean will be systematically measured and assimilated in near real-time.

  • United Kingdom Marine Environment Data Network (UKMED)
    Marine Environmental Data are widely distributed throughout the UK amongst many government departments, agencies and laboratories, universities and commercial companies. The UKMED Network develops, maintains and makes available inventories of marine data; develops guidelines for oceanographic data management; improves mechanisms to facilitate data exchange and hence increases the availability of UK Marine Environmental Data for research and wealth creation.

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