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  • Sounding Out the Ocean's Secrets
    About the applications of underwater acoustics in ocean research. Researchers today apply their knowledge of how sound travels through water to carry out a myriad of tasks such as detecting underwater eruptions, measuring ocean temperature, and monitoring marine mammals behavior.

  • Coastal Guide to Europe
    Offers information to the visitor of coastal areas in Europe. Special attention is given to the history of the landscape, wildlife, nature and recreation areas and cultural heritage (historical cities, buildings and museums).

  • International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)
    Established in 1961 to enhance marine research, exploitation and development by facilitating the exchange of oceanographic data and information between participating Member States and by meeting the needs of users for data and information products.The IODE system forms a worldwide service oriented network consisting of DNAs (Designated National Agencies), NODCs (National Oceanographic Data Centres), RNODCs (Responsible National Oceanographic Data Centres) and WDCs (World Data Centres - Oceanography).

  • GulfBase
    Resource database for Gulf of Mexico research. It includes research institutions, researchers, research projects, and other information about the Gulf, from the U.S., Mexico, and Cuba.

  • Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN)
    Provides information to support marine environmental management, protection and education. Established by the Marine Biological Association of the UK in collaboration with the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and major holders and users of marine biological data and information in Britain and Ireland.

  • NOAA's Coral Reef Information System
    Designed to be a single point of access to NOAA coral reef information and data products, especially those derived from NOAA's Coral Reef Initiative Program. CoRIS will evolve and grow in the months ahead to encompass an ever widening array of product and information offerings.

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