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  • VT Ocean Sciences
    A joint venture between the University of Wales at Bangor and Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Ltd, formed to provide the Research Vessel Prince Madog and associated services, satisfying current and future needs of the marine science community. The new Prince Madog is now available for charter to academia and industry.

  • NERC - Research Ship Unit
    NERC Research Ship Unit provides a professional ship management service to the Natural Environment Research Council. It operates two general purpose oceanographic research vessels - RRS Charles Darwin and RRS Discovery. These vessels are equipped specifically for deep sea oceanographic research and study and are UK registered Class VII cargo vessels.

  • IfM Research Vessels
    The Institut fuer Meereskunde operates three vessels and one boat of different sizes, capacities and ranges. The Poseidon is deployed predominantly for longer research cruises in the north Atlantic Ocean, R.V. Alkor is used for missions in the North Sea, R.C. Littorina for research work in the Baltic and Polarfuchs has been used increasingly for ecological studies along the Baltic coast.

  • IFREMER Research Vessel Fleet
    Ifremer is in charge of developing and managing the greater part of the French civilian research fleet. Ifremer's fleet serves the scientific community and its main activity is devoted to scientific research. Excluding chartered periods, time spent perfecting the facilities, transit times between cruises and periodic technical calls, 1500 days per year are available for strictly scientific activities of the fleet.

  • NOAA Marine Operations
    The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operates a wide assortment of hydrographic survey, oceanographic research, and fisheries research vessels. These vessels are operated by the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations. The ship's officers and crew provide mission support and assistance to embarked scientists from various NOAA laboratories as well as the wider academic community.

  • CSIRO Marine Research
    Operates two research vessels. The 55 metre oceanographic research vessel Franklin is operated as a national facility and is available to all scientists on the basis of competitive proposals. The larger Southern Surveyor has the capacity to carry out a wide variety of marine research activities and operates throughout Australian waters and is available for commercial charter.


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