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  • S E L F subtle energy life force
    This experiential practice of awareness and balancing energy has been developed over a 20 year period by Beth Cornell. You are invited to practice and experience the benefits for yourself. Doing energy work on your own or with an attuned energy practitioner will enable your subtle energy bodies to experience a natural state of balance. An attuned practitioner can hold the space for the balance to occur. Health, balance, can be restored in one session. Our natural state is BALANCE.

  • Distance Healing
    Distance Healing method is based on some Therapeutic Touch techniques, Vibrational Healing, working within the Higher Spiritual Energies. This is a supportive healing modality meant to work with all areas of the body: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. Clients range from within the same city to around the world.

  • Betsy's Reiki Distant Healing
    Betsy, an intuitive and gifted healer who is kundalini awakened, offers reiki distance healing, chakra balancing, shaktipat & help with Kundalini Awakening. Sessions are very affordable as compared to what other distance healers charge.

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