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  • Authentic Pilates Training
    Personalised pilates training offered by Romana's Certified Instructor. The Pilates Studio in Singapore provides comprehensive pilates training in the most original and authentic form, as designed by Joseph Pilates. The Pilates Studio is a home-based studio, situated in a peaceful and laid back outskirts of Singapore, in Seletar. The studio is equipped with a complete range of original Gratz apparatus, as designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1900s. Pilates is a comprehensive body and mind conditioning system comprised of over 500 exercises developed in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates. It is a unique system which reawakens the body through movement, and the mind through conscious thought. Pilates re-educates and realigns, tones and balances the body. It develops coordination, thus improving posture, eliminating stress and tension. The movement series are designed to stretch and strengthen muscles without undue strain on the joints.

  • Pilates Exercises for Pre and Post Natal Women in Singapore
    Pilates Exercises for Pre and Post Natal Women in Singapore Pilates training is one of the most beneficial exercise forms to do before, during and after pregnancy. With its focus on establishing a strong core and inner centre, its emphasis on the discipline of correct posture and the right breathing patterns; Pilates will help keep you fit, prepare you adequately for childbirth and ensure you recover more quickly after. Pilates works on developing functionally strong abdominals, a flexible and powerful pelvic floor and a supportive back which is of utmost importance to all women involved in pregnancy and childbirth. Along with these essentials, Pilates also guides you through the discipline of ideal alignment and coordinating movement with breath. Integrated into all PowerMoves Pilates sessions is also legwork and upper body routines so that your every session is a full-body integration workout. Pilates can transform your pregnancy and fulfill your need for the knowledge and the skill towards a more comfortable, rewarding and wonderful experience in pregnancy. Come join us for our prenatal and postnatal Pilates Exercise Programmes (Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons). Call 6455 2221 to book your Pilates sessions in our Bishan Park studio today. Pilates as a lifestyle and philosophy because it works, Claudel Kuek PowerMoves Pilates Singapore

  • Singapore Pilates Classes
    Pilates for Weight Loss, Athletes & Youth ABOUT PILATES FITNESS Pilates Fitness is created with the vision of using Pilates to improve the fitness levels of all population types especially the Desk-Bound Executives, Sports Enthusiasts and Youth. Pilates Fitness is the first in Singapore to offer Pilates Classes for Weight Loss, Athletes & Youth. It is also the first in Singapore to provide customised Pilates Program for each individual in a group class setting. Pilates Fitness offers Pilates Reformer and Matwork classes for both consumers and corporations in an equipped Pilates studio a stone's throw away from Vivo City. Our instructors are STOTT PILATES® trained with at least 5 years of Pilates experience to bring you the safest and most effective Pilates exercises. ADDRESS: 434, Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098854 CONTACT NUMBER: +65 9184 7622 EMAIL:



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