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  • pilates cds
    The focus of this site is to provide current Pilates enthusiasts and trainers with an audio trainer so that they may continue their workout at home without an instructor.

  • AnyBody Pilates
    AnyBody Pilates delivers exceptional True Pilates instruction in an encouraging, safe and supportive environment. By focusing on the individual, we provide each client with the highest quality, fully customized True Pilates instruction in NE Portland, Oregon.

  • A Site with Illustrated Pilates Exercises & Stretches
    You'll enjoy a large selection of illustrated exercises and stretches, for people of all ages from 18 to 80. Easy to follow instructions are included, together with intensive information on topics such as pelvic floor exercise techniques, osteoporosis exercises, balance & posture. If we don't have what you are seeking, let us know, and we’ll contact you with information you require.



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