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Healings: Certified Hypnotherapist: Spiritual Healer: Psychic: Channeller: Clairvoyant

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Submitted: Fri Oct 15 2010

Healings: Certified Hypnotherapist: Spiritual Healer: Psychic: Channeller: Clairvoyant


Description: As a Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Healer/Psychic/Channeller/Clairvoyant, Don Boland has been an inspiration to many people around the world. For over a decade, Don’s transformative healing sessions, which include introducing people to God’s powerful White-Light and Violet-Light healing techniques, have helped people find liberation from life's difficulties, by contacting their source, enhancing their spirit, finding health, peace, and prosperity. Don began his Hypnotherapy/Spiritual Healing practice in 2003. During that same year, while in meditation, he experienced a Divine healing through Archangel Michael. This brought forth many spiritual blessings, which enabled him to read people’s energies and remove their spiritual roadblocks in such a way as to allow for profound healing to occur. In subsequent meditations, Don received similar blessings from other Ascended Master Teachers of Humanity, which are Spiritual Graduates of Earth. As part of these dynamic experiences, Don was guided to establish the nondenominational website,, in order to inform humanity about these often hidden aspects of spiritual and metaphysical truths, in order for individuals to better understand how angels and the ascended masters can be of greater healing and assistance in their own lives. Don is an expert speaker on The Spiritual Path and God's Hidden Mysteries and is called upon to conduct group healing seminars for corporations and private groups in Los Angeles and throughout the country. He has also been featured on TLC Network’s “That Yin Yang Thing,” as well as CBS2 and KCAL9 News. Nevertheless, his heart remains focused on helping people daily at his private practice in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. For more information about Don and to view various media outlets and press clippings


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