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  • Christian Spiritism and Paranormal Healing  pop
    Shortly after meeting Reverend Pajarillo, he told me that Divine spirits were using psychic surgery and other methods of paranormal healing, to bring broader issues to light. He explained that the revelation of these hidden issues was central to the mission of Christian Spiritism. The Union Espiritista had been established to prepare the world for the Coming of the Holy Spirit. In the Doctrina, Alvear went further, however, announcing that the Holy Spirit had arrived.

  • Faith Healing  pop
    Some Thoughts About Faith Healing by Stephen Barrett, MD (1999) (Off Site) Can Science Prove that Prayer Works? by Hector Avalos (1997) (Off Site) If Looks Could Kill and Words Could Heal (There'd be a lot more dead and a lot fewer sick people around.) by Robert Baker (1994) (Off site) (Off site)

  • Paranormal healing and hypertension.  pop
    Paranormal healing and hypertension. Beutler JJ, Attevelt JT, Schouten SA, Faber JA, Dorhout Mees EJ, Geijskes GG. Department of Nephrology and Hypertension, University Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands. A prospective randomised trial was carried out to see whether paranormal healing by laying on of hands might reduce blood pressure in essential hypertension and whether such an effect might be due to a paranormal, psychological, or placebo factor. Patients were randomised to three treatment groups: paranormal healing by laying on of hands (n = 40), paranormal healing at a distance (n = 37), and no paranormal healing (controls; n = 38). Healing at a distance and no paranormal healing were investigated double blind. Systolic and diastolic blood pressures were significantly reduced in all three groups at week 15 (mean reduction (95% confidence interval) 17.1 (14.0 to 20.2)/8.3 (6.6 to 10.0) mm Hg).

  • David Raphael Isaacson-Spiritual Energetic Healer  pop
    Is This A Cult ? Except for the healing treatments, I do not proscribe any diets, exercises or other "weird" things you must do or not do in your life. I may offer some advice on certain matters (if asked or guided), but you are always free to do as you please. I do not ask you to give your power away to me, nor should you ask me to do the same. However, when I work with you in a healing capacity, your power and mine are combined to achieve a greater power... acting on your behalf. We work together... I cannot do the work without you, nor can you do it alone.

  • Exceptional Energy Healings by Tamalyn  pop
    Get a LOVE Healing Tamalyn's empathic insights can help soulmates persevere through tough time or rocky times in a relationship. As a healer, she can also remove negative energy in a relationship, facilitating positive change. Many times a controlling third party or person can have devastating effects on a romance or relationship... With her insights & healing energies, Tamalyn, can aid in the removal of that person causes trouble in a relationship. She can help you with spiritual insights in all aspects of your life and help you with your spiritual growth

  • Paranormal Encounters, Alternative Healing, Treasure Hunting ...
    The information provided on this web site is meant to be informative and as an avenue for discussion of individual interests, ideas and ideals, of which is yet to be proven. We (of Otherplane), harbor no intention to offend anyone on any of our topics. We hope you enjoy browsing through our web site. If you enjoyed reading our web site and have questions or comments, or a particular topic you would like us to investigate and provide information on, please let us know. You can click on our email address below.

  • Who wants to be a healer?
    People's interest in parapsychology and healing has significantly risen in the past few years. However, science still refuses to examine the phenomenon seriously. Perhaps the only serious scientist in the post Soviet Russia is chair of social and practical psychology of Labour Academy and social relations of Ukraine Elena Karagodina who still shows tremendous interest in healers.

  • Psychic (Distant) Healing
    A paper released on June 6, 2000 in the Annals of Internal Medicine entitled 'The Efficacy of "Distant Healing': A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials" concluded: "The methodologic limitations of several studies make it difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the efficacy of distant healing. However, given that approximately 57% of trials showed a positive treatment effect, the evidence thus far merits further study."

  • Paranormal therapy
    Paranormal therapy has been used throughout the whole human history and is the first known method of healing people. In Southern-Europe they have found prehistoric drawings on which we often see the figure of a shaman. In former days a shaman was a very important person. He was a healer and a priest at the same time. First shamans were the healers and priests of Siberian tribes.

  • The Healing Power of Music
    Music has touched the human soul across all boundaries of time, space, and genre. Indeed, the healing power of music has been documented for millennia. An account involving two of the legendary kings of Israel is thought to have been written during the reign of Solomon. "And whenever the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand; so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him." Saul's experience is echoed in our daily lives, leading William Congreve to observe, "Music has charms to soothe a savage breast," and Yo-Yo Ma to comment, "Healing? I think that is what music is all about. Don't you?"

  • Get Vital Energy with Raphael-Healing
    Our present time is characterized by a strong and rapid social change which affects many spiritual and material areas of everyday life, medicine, science, and technology. Until today an enormous potential of technical resources has evolved of which decades ago only science fiction authors have dreamed.

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