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  • Love Energies
    Love has everything to do with it! Love is acceptance, tolerance, integrity, honesty, respect and so much more incorporated into all aspects of your daily life. Love is another name for the Universal Source of all; another name for Infinite Spirit, God, Goddess, etc. This Universal Source, Love, connects us all to each other. We are Love incarnate; we are Divine Spiritual Beings. Most of us are looking to connect fully to this Universal Source. Through meditation, healing and spiritual guidance, we can move past obstacles that interfere with the connection. By aligning with Source, you can find awareness, self-realization, empowerment and self-love... the key that makes everything in life possible!

  • Prince Leopold, Founder of Spiritual Analysis
    Readings Spiritual Health Karma debt removal (Long distance) Motivational Self-awareness Curse removal (Long distance) Physical block removal Multiple personality Alien interference Unexplained phenomena Time Evaluation To know yourself is to know your spirit! The solution to every problem lies at the spiritual level.

  • Readings and Healings
    We welcome you to this small corner of God's World. May your experience here be full of love and light! Please understand that this is not a 900-line. Ailene provides psychic readings and spiritual growth services with utmost integrity, as a spiritual counselor. :) Please feel free to browse the guestbook to gain assurance as to the quality of psychic services provided by Ailene.

  • Spiritual Healing by Distance or in Vienna
    Spiritual Healing and Readings Susan Friday in Vienna or by Distance Every soul is a flower nurtured by spirit. Soul Path Readings Spiritual Healing Shamanic Soul Retrieval Space Clearing Reiki and Seichem Workshops Spiritual Development Circle About Susan Contact Email Susan

  • Spiritual Healing Energy Drawings
    Looking for a powerful healing tool? Committed to walking your spiritual path? Desiring personal guidance and insight? If you answered "Yes!" I'm glad you stopped by. I invite you to read how these drawings work, who I am, and to view some samples. Then, if you feel guided to this opportunity, order a drawing and give yourself or a friend a unique and personal healing.

  • Telepathic and Intuitive Healing By Phyllis Light
    Find love, create a loving, happy life and clear negative programming Telepathic Healing is a form of metaphysical, intuitive, higher dimensional guidance for spiritual healing. Get help in clearing unwanted, negative subconscious beliefs, thoughts, programming, and other destructive energies that create roadblocks to achieving and creating a life of happiness, finding love, sharing loving relationships, enjoying a sense of well being, and reduced stress. This is done at a psychic level.

  • The Psychic Healing Site
    I was born in 1940 with psychic skills that were used by my family and neighbours during the war years. In July 97 I qualified with National Federation of Spiritual Healers and founded White Water Healing Centre to offer full time professional help. With full time involvement the psychic skills developed rapidly into inter-dimensional work for the benefit of the planet and people.

  • Intuitive Spiritual Healing
    Inner alchemy- By telephone or in-person. When I am counseling, I read past & present experiences, as well as patterns in your aura for your personal growth and spiritual transformation. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling with 25 years experience as a spiritual healer. I assist you in problem solving, spiritual emergency, spiritual reconnection, and in coming to terms with ET abduction experiences.I am also an abductee.

  • Sekhem Healing Arts
    Welcome to The healing arts, for collective light learning and healing, dedicated to individual, planetary and universal healing. Offering Course & Treatments in the healing arts of Sekhem, All Love Skhm, Learning the art of Komyo Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Jumon Workshops. The Reconnection, (Teachings of Eric Pearl) Parallel Realities & DNA strands. Seminars on the Indigos & Starseeds, the children of the Holy Grail. Health and healing events in the UK.

  • Aelixyr Self Healing
    Cure aids, cancer, multiple scelerosis and leukemia at home with ease at almost no cost. At Aelixyr you find advice in selfhelp about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • healing ministries
    This is healing ministries taking the Salvation,Healing Power of Jesus ministry to the World and teaching,preacing and imparting power of jesus.Cancers,AIDS,Parkinsons,Deaf etc were healed through the power of Stripes of Jesus.

  • Ascended Master Healings
    Ascended Master Healings are offered at Creative Spirit-Picton. Healings offered by the Ascended Masters and opened up as a healing Centre Ten years ago as 'With Wings Of Light' now continues. Healings were initiated by Sanat Kumara,Lord Melchizedek and the Ascended Masters, Jesus Christ, Saint Germain, Lord Lanto,Master Hillarion,El Morya,Paul the Venetian,Lady Master Nada,and Master Serapis. The healings bring through emlightenment energies, and have the protection of Lord Michael.

  • Certified Hypnotherapist/ Spiritual Healer/ Psychic/ Channeller/ Clairvoyant
    As a Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Healer/Psychic/Channeller/Clairvoyant, Don Boland has been an inspiration to many people around the world. For over a decade, Don’s transformative healing sessions, which include introducing people to God’s powerful White-Light and Violet-Light healing techniques, have helped people find liberation from life's difficulties, by contacting their source, enhancing their spirit, finding health, peace, and prosperity. Don began his Hypnotherapy/Spiritual Healing practice in 2003. During that same year, while in meditation, he experienced a Divine healing through Archangel Michael. This brought forth many spiritual blessings, which enabled him to read people’s energies and remove their spiritual roadblocks in such a way as to allow for profound healing to occur. In subsequent meditations, Don received similar blessings from other Ascended Master Teachers of Humanity, which are Spiritual Graduates of Earth. As part of these dynamic experiences, Don was guided to establish the nondenominational website,, in order to inform humanity about these often hidden aspects of spiritual and metaphysical truths, in order for individuals to better understand how angels and the ascended masters can be of greater healing and assistance in their own lives. Don is an expert speaker on The Spiritual Path and God's Hidden Mysteries and is called upon to conduct group healing seminars for corporations and private groups in Los Angeles and throughout the country. He has also been featured on TLC Network’s “That Yin Yang Thing,” as well as CBS2 and KCAL9 News. Nevertheless, his heart remains focused on helping people daily at his private practice in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. For more information about Don and to view various media outlets and press clippings

  • Spiritual Healer
    As a spiritual healer, spiritual teacher, ordained non denominational minister Dean considers a large part of his spiritual path is to be of service to others. Dean offers in person energy healer service also known as spiritual healer or faith healer by some. He also offers distance healer service for those who cannot travel.

  • Bloch Healing
    Peter Bloch is a teacher and healer of more than 25 years' experience, based in Cheshire (near Manchester, UK). Bloch Healing is a unique, person-centred, evidence-based form of hands-on healing.

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