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  • Lightfield Systems
    Color and sound therapies using the pulse reading technique of Dr. Paul Nogier to find precisely matching resonance frequencies and colors. Tools, trainings, and sessions.

  • Spirit Art
    New Mexico School of Intuitive Art founded by Betty Metoyer. Analyze colors and images in art to determine emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Workshops available.

  • Alternative Color Therapy
    Alternative color therapy and healing including insight on the chakra, aura therapy, light therapy and color healing with all the colors in the rainbow. Find color therapy kits, bath products, oils, color meditations, colors and crystals and our color therapist home study course.

  • Institute for Chromotherapy
    An environment targeted towards deep healing using light, color and energy motion techniques. Angelo Cammilleri is certified as Practitioner/Trainer by Jacob Liberman, O.D., PH.D., D.SC. and Earl Lizotte, O.D., in the use of light and color for deep healing, utilizing the Spectral Receptivity System IITM.

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