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  • Homeopathy Today News
    Homeopathic information for acute and chronic health care correction. The National Center for Homeopathy provides general education to the public about homeopathy, and specific education to homeopaths.

  • Homeopathy
    Complete thesis; Critical and Creative Thinking. Dr David Cleveland presents his experience and research. Includes articles on immunizations shots, nutrition and medicine, blood, emergency first aid kits and Samuel Hahnemanns wives. In Chelsea, Massachusetts.

  • Boenninghausen Shareware Repertory
    Thomas Schäfer, physician, uses the homeopathic method of treatment in the way of the classical homeopathy with single-remedy-use. Also available is his developed software: Shareware Repertory of the v. Boenninghausen Handbooks from 1846 and 1897 and Patient and Office Management Software.

  • Dr. Ramakrishnan
    Honorary Homeopathic Physician to the President of India. An internationally known medical doctor from India. He travels the world lecturing on homeopathy and treating difficult cases.

  • Homeopathy Boiron
    Information about homeopathy: homeopathic medicines, homeopathic physician training, conventions, research on homeopathy, veterinary homeopathy. Financial data of the Boiron homeopathic laboratory.

  • High Dilutions
    Experimental aspects and application to life theory presented to allow a better understanding of how the homoeopathic medecines act, therefore allowing an improvement in the treatment.

  • Ask
    Ask your personal question to find an alternative medical solution with homeopathy. Site includes answers to common ailments, resources, educational information and articles.

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