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  • Global Med-ID System
    Provides a medical information system with immediate worldwide compatibility. System utilizes existing Internet/Intranet technology and unique controls providing the foremost level of security.

  • Premier Inc.
    Provides consulting services and information resources to help hospitals and health systems improve clinical effectiveness and operational performance.

  • SafeStart
    Provides safety awareness training that identifies behaviors common in 90% of all patient injuries and medication errors for clinical staff and other health care personnel. Focuses on the human side of safety.

  • AHRQ WebM&M
    Web-based patient safety resource and journal that showcases patient safety lessons drawn from actual cases of medical errors; site includes cases of medical errors, expert commentaries, and a users' forum.

  • Medicharms
    Offers alternative medical identification items; products include a variety of character, sports-related and other pendants with the medical information on the back.

  • RN+ Systems
    Offers a variety of wireless monitoring systems to assist healthcare organizations improve patient safety, prevent falls, and reduce reliance upon restraints; site includes training and education resources.

  • Patient Safety First
    Assists perioperative nurses, managers and practitioners in providing safe patient care. Offers resources related to patient safety in surgical settings, including lists of educational products and resources, articles, and links to national patient safety initiatives.

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