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    Search engine for the medical field, information for doctors, hospitals, clinics, research, and sources for equipment and supplies.

  • Healthlinks
    Directory of professional healthcare sites, with a searchable directory, newsletter, forums, chatrooms, continuing education and classified ads.

    UK medical portal for healthcare professionals. Offers specialty sites, databases, journals, online textbooks, organizations and jobs.

  • Volc-R
    A collection of medical links and resources for healthcare providers. Includes evidence-base medicine, managed care and continuing education resources.

  • Timely Topics in Medicine
    Interactive medical information in a multicultural, multilanguage setting. Features include access to original articles and case reports, news and multimedia webcasts from major conferences, telesymposia and Medline.

  • Med-E-Serv
    Australian community for health professionals with accredited online education, professional development, conferences, group collaborations, and useful information.

  • eMedicine World Medical Library
    Directory of free online medical reference textbooks for physicians, medical students, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and the public. Up-to-date, searchable, peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks.

  • The Med-Psych Network
    Offers information about medicine and psychiatry, specifically related to combined medicine-psychiatry residency programs. Includes a directory of links to various medical and psychiatric sites.

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