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  • ACSH: Tobacco
    The American Council on Science and Health has been a leader in restoring scienctific fact and context to health issues, both in exposing overstated and understated risks. This page covers tobacco, including what the warning label doesn't tell you.

  • Smoking's Deadly Effects
    Statistics don't tell the whole story of tobacco disease and death. That's why PBS is running a program on Pam Laffin, a woman who tells her own story of emphysema caused by tobacco products. The story of how she got started smoking, how she discovered she had the disease, and how she lives her live now with one lung, is more compelling sometimes than any amount of statistics.

  • Face the Faces
    The human toll of tobacco, from INFACT. Started in response to a tobacco executive's statement that the people who die each year from tobacco are just a "computer-generated number." This site shows some of the people who are dead or dying of diseases caused by tobacco. Pictures are accompanied by text written by friends and family.

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