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  • Pos-T-Vac
    Treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction with several types of vacuum therapy systems, along with injection therapy products.

  • Rejoyn
    Rejoyn provides over-the-counter products for impotence. Endure provides over-the-counter products for premature ejaculation.

  • Lima
    AS Lima in Norway produce and sell Intim-tango online. Intim-tango is developed by Urologist Dr. Vaage.

  • Performance Medical
    Performance Plus is a medically approved, clinical system that began its life as a method of restoring erections for medically impotent men. In recent years it has been increasingly used as a preventative technique to restore erectile tissue.

  • Veromax Direct
    Veromax is a natural product, a unique clinically-developed formula designed for men of all ages who want to enjoy spontaneous, reliable, intense sexual virility - naturally.

  • Renew passion
    Mens Health Publication detailing what's in expensive commercial Herbal Viagras and how the consumer can make their own formula for better effectiveness and for less money.

  • Health Advantage, Inc.
    Health Advantage's unique, physician-developed supplement formulas help overcome erectile dysfunction, prostate problems and related health difficulties with proven vitamin, mineral and herbal extracts.


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