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    Dr. Eudene Harry is a board certified Holistic physician, Medical Intuitive and E.R. Physician. Oasis for Optimal Health offers many modalities; inner age program, shealy program, nutritional program, massage, vibrational therapy, healing touch, energy healing, acupressure, acupuncture, flower esscences and essence oils..we also have a wide variety of natural suppliments. Our goal is your goal your optimal health.

  • Trillium Creek
    Nestled in 30 acres of scenic woodlands in historic Medina is Trillium Creek, a world-class dermatology, skincare, and integrative medicine center. Here you'll find a haven away from the everyday stresses of life; a place where you can restore and rejuvenate your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Holistic Healing Explained
    Holistic Healthy Healing offers you information, exercises and therapy to help you be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. It explains the benefits of meditation, hypnosis, breathing exercises, chakras and auras, and how to get rid of negative habits, fears and emotions.

  • Medicine Talk
    Medicine Talk is an online community that provides scientific-based health information from a Naturopathic perspective. We offer many different types of resources to help people take control of their health through self-education. Our information has been well-researched and verified by a Naturopathic Doctor. We offer a number of free resources. Our mission is to provide high-quality information that is founded upon Naturopathic principles and is supported by research, clinical evidence, and scientific knowledge in order to provide individuals with the opportunity to educate themselves.

  • Sierra EEG: Neurofeedback Therapy
    Neurofeedback is a very powerful therapy that can help with many conditions. Think of neurofeedback as your brainís personal trainer. With neurofeedback, you will train your brain to work with greater efficiency and effectiveness using special types of exercises. By diligently practicing these exercises, you can make huge differences in your life. With neurofeedback, you can reduce problems such as chronic pain, stress, sleep problems, migraines, depression & anxiety, ADD/ADHD, learning & behavior problems, weight loss and addictions. You can also address symptoms of brain injury, stroke, PTSD, autism, OCD and attachment disorders. Stop suffering and start living. Make positive changes in your life with neurofeedback!

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