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  • Homeopathy Boiron
    Information about homeopathy: homeopathic medicines, homeopathic physician training, conventions, research on homeopathy, veterinary homeopathy. Financial data of the Boiron homeopathic laboratory.

  • High Dilutions
    Experimental aspects and application to life theory presented to allow a better understanding of how the homoeopathic medecines act, therefore allowing an improvement in the treatment.

    SIR. I AM DR HARSHAD RAVAL MD[HOM].I am 20 year doing homoeopathy practiced in India. I am doctor for Governor of Gujarat, I am books writer as well as homoeopathy columnist .leading news paper "Gujarat samachar", My specialists in kidney ,cancer, psoriasis, leucoderma, arthrities and other chronic disease. My web site : sir kindly add ; my name in your popular site. I hope give me warm reply. Thanks and my regard Dr Harshad Raval MD[Hom]

  • Homeopathy World Community
    A by-invitation social network website of professional homeopaths and healers who create waves of awareness. This site has public view for all to read discussions, blogs, articles, news, watch videos, view photos about health and healing. Members interact on all topics, make friendships and cooperation for learning. Plans for classes for the public in the future. Totally volunteer and supported by donations.

  • Homeopathic Specialist in Miami Florida
    We are a naturopathic clinic specializing in homeopathic treatments. We use 2 different formulas from the German company called Heel (Gripp or Engystol) as a homeopathic "flu shot." We use Traumeel and Zeel as an alternative to corticosteriod injections for joint pain and muscle pain (inflammation) into trigger points. Since we also specialize in acupuncture, the injections of the homeopathics remedies are made into acupuncture points for best results. For example, for the "flu shot" we use LI 11 which in Chinese medicine boosts the immune system (which is what the homeopathics do: increase white blood cell counts by 30%) for synergistic effect. We have also used homeopathic detox injectables by Heel and other formulas for specific ailments. In addition we also provide a homeopathic facial rejuvenation from GUNA (Italy) as an alternative to Botox, please watch this video demonstration of the procedure:

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