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  • Stage Hypnotist Ken Webster
    It has been brought to ken`s attention that there are a lot of hypnotists out there who are blatantly ripping ken`s act off. These are obviously hypnotists who cant think of their own sketches. If you are a fan of ken`s show and a regular to his performances you know his act, if you see anybody copying ken`s act e-mail me let me know who the person is and there is a 50-00 cash reward

  • The Gallant Hypnotherapist, Allyn Gallant M.T., C.H.T.
    Mr. Allyn Gallant M.T., C.C.H.T. is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist here in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR Area, and licensed by the state of Washington. He is a member of A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners) National Guild of Hypnotists International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.

  • Powerful Mental attitude
    Customized Cd's are available for YOUR specific aspiration or desired change! A Revolutionary Concept that can change your world! CDs NOW Available: Smoking Cessation Weight Management Immediate Stress Management Powerful Mental Attitude Shamanic Experience Superbolic Metabolism Memory Enhancement Past Life Regression Future Life Progression Better Golf Controling Your Anxiety

  • The Excel Center for Mental Health Hypnosis Center
    The Excel Center: Hypnotherapy Training College is now accepting new students at our 'on-campus' hypnosis training courses for students at the beginner and advanced levels. Courses are held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our 'on-campus' courses are offered the first weekend of every month. These intensive programs come with all the materials and information you will need to begin to use the hypnosis techniques right away, many of our students have successfully started their own lucrative career in the booming healing modality of hypnotherapy

  • Oxford Hypnotherapy
    Oxford Hypnotherapy was established and is maintained by Eddie Lester, a qualified and registered hypnotherapist who has spent years running busy hypnotherapy practices in Oxfordshire and training students in Hypnotherapy, stress management and practical applications of hypnosis.

  • Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis, Inc.
    Specialties/Training Private & Group Sessions Behavioral Hypnosis Weight/Diet Control Motivation & Goal Achievement Sports Performance Stress Management Self-Hypnosis Instruction Clinical, Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Anesthesia Hypnotherapy Immune System Hypnotherapy Addictions Hypnotherapy EEG Biofeedback Metaphysical Hypnosis Professional Speaking Services Fitness & Nutrition Interpersonal Relationships

  • NLP Information and Articles about NLP
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an exciting, and totally new technology. This web site is more than just a web site -- it is an NLP experience. Our intention is to introduce NLP to those new to it and to provide a place for the community of interested individuals where the NLP resources on the web and in the world can be accessed. Our listings are non-biased and we play no favorites. After you have browsed our site for awhile, please take the time to fill out our feedback form.

  • Achieve with Hypnosis, EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy in Oxford, Oxfordshire
    Hypnotist Richard MacKenzie's Oxfordshire hypnotherapy practice is where he has sessions with clients from all over the community in the South-East of England. He is a firm believer that you should leave one of his sessions feeling completely empowered to make the life that you have always dreamt of for yourself! Using the latest techniques, Richard aims to help you set and achieve your goals and to enjoy life in full. Stop smoking, lose weight and learn stress management with Hypnotherapist Richard MacKenzie today!

  • hypnotherapy
    I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I am a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner. I offer Hypnotherapy counselling services incorporated with past life regression and energy healing according to the client's needs.

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