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  • McKesson Medical Imaging
    McKesson provides your hospital with Horizon Medical Imaging picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and Horizon Red Station workstation to improve decision-making and help ensure patient safety. The McKesson medical imaging solution enables your hospital to acquire, distribute and archive medical images and diagnostic reports. Horizon Medical Imaging integrates images from multiple modalities--from ultrasound to multi-slice CT to echocardiography--with clinical patient data to streamline radiology workflow and improve efficiency. Horizon Red Station incorporates medical imaging management and innovative design to create a viewing platform that provides immediate access to any image within a study. The simple design allows radiologists to focus on reading images and providing diagnoses as efficiently as possible. Together, the two Horizon PACS administration systems improve patient safety by providing a more complete patient medical record for radiologists and referring physicians. Streamline your radiology process and optimize your patient care with McKesson’s medical imaging solutions.



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