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  • The Medical Algorithms Project
    Useful site for those interested in the algorithms behind computations, formulae, surveys, or look-up tables used in healthcare. More than 4600 algorithms, organized into 45 chapters, are available as downloadable spreadsheets. Algorithm documentation is available online.

  • Suregen
    A NLG-formalism which allows for the automatic, syntax-driven generation of stylistically acceptable clinical documents.

  • IT Perspectives
    IT Perspectives, Providers of research, evaluation and consultancy in health infomatics and NHS and medical services. e-booking, electronic booking, ebooking, ICRS, EHR

  • MedExpert / WWW
    A set of medical URLs for fields linking to 65 medical expert and knowledge-based systems. Details of the programs, links to online versions, information about pricing and availability, clinical use, information about the developer, contact addresses, and evalution statistics. Site indicates last update March 16, 2002.

  • Prodigy
    Software that offers management advice following a diagnosis. This includes prescribing and non-drug advice, doctor/patient shared screens, patient information leaflets, when to investigate and when to refer as well as clinical background information for use outside the consultation, as reference or learning material. The knowledge base covers around 131 conditions.


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