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Submitted: Thu Jun 19 2008

Medicine: Informatics: Automation Solution - McKesson


Description: At McKesson Automation, the only company in the world that provides an integrated suite of world-class healthcare IT and pharmacy automation solutions, we are your key to increasing medication safety and improving efficiencies—from the patient's bedside to the pharmacy to the distribution center. Hospitals, like yours, use McKesson robotics, bar-code scanning automation, and software technologies to reengineer inpatient medication and healthcare supply chain management systems to improve medication errors prevention, reduce labor burden on nursing and pharmacy, and lower the cost of care. Examples include centralized pharmacy automation for unit-dose medications, unit-based cabinet technologies for secure medication storage and rapid retrieval, point-of-use supply automation systems for inventory management and revenue capture, and automated medication administration system for ensuring accuracy at the point of care. Learn how McKesson's pharmacy automation solutions are built on a common, enterprise-wide software platform and this integrated approach intrinsically reinforces medication safety practices, strengthens database information, streamlines pharmacy operations, and promotes smart, incremental system growth in your hospital.


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