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  • Medical Research Council
    UK government group which aims to improve health by promoting research into all areas of medical and related science through its own research establishments, grantmaking, and support for post graduate students.

  • Central Institute for the Deaf
    Research on speech, language, and hearing sciences and their disorders and oral education for the hearing impaired. Other activities include clinical services, including hearing testing and sale of hearing aids, education of future teachers for the deaf audiologists, and researchers in communication sciences.

  • Buck Institute
    Dedicated to the elucidation of basic mechanisms of aging and to the study of diseases that arise with increasing frequency in the aged. The goal is to discover therapies that significantly delay or prevent the onset of age-related dysfunction and disease.

  • Huntington Medical Research Institutes
    Nonprofit medical research institute with programs in neural engineering, magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, molecular cardiology, neurology and oncology, and hepatitis B and C clinical trials. Postdoctoral fellowships and summer student program. Pasadena, CA, USA.

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