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  • The Clear Mind
    Assists people on their journey to find their path through life counseling, soul recognition, dream analysis, and other forms of alternative psychotherapy and the shamanic arts.

  • HeartMath
    A combination of leading edge science, practical information, and easy to use techniques and skills for achieving health, high performance, and personal effectiveness.

  • Core Belief Engineering
    Unique transformational belief-change psychotherapy leading to more choice, happiness and self-esteem. Developed by Elly Roselle from her study of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds.

  • Hakomi Institute
    Organization teaching Hakomi worldwide, and was founded by Ron Kurtz in 1980. Directory of certified Hakomi therapists. Hakomi is the integrated use of mindfulness, the body, and non-violence in psychotherapy.

  • 4wholehealth
    Holistic health services for the entire family encompassing nutrition, marital, individual, grief and loss, recovery, addiction and general counseling by a licensed MFT and Nutritionist. (Santa Barbara, CA).

  • Psychosynthesis
    An introduction to psychosynthesis as a path to wholeness. A series of actions that produce a change or development that can encourage personal growth by a coming together of the whole person - the emotional, the mental, the physical and spiritual within a safe environment.

  • HopeAllianz
    Provides mental health awareness, enhancement and enlightenment to individuals, couples, families and communities within a holistic perspective focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Thrival Systems(R)
    Thrival: "an inner joy that defies circumstances," a state of bliss and the highest sustainable lifestyle, an exceptional state of well-being and effectiveness. Trademarked site provides the skills, tips, and techniques in form of speeches, seminars, coaching basics. Dr. Paul Radde, Ph.D.

  • Insight Unlimited
    Georgina Ritchie offers counseling based on psychic insight and spiritual guidance. A Course in Miracles and Louise Hay work. Sessions and Workshops in the Bay Area; phone counseling; audio tapes.

  • Inner-Healing
    A resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing. This can be an additional help with any counseling or psychotherapy in which you may be involved.  Includes information about holistically oriented somatic therapy.

  • Kendra Hurd, MA
    36 self care tools for spiritual and emotional healing. Love yourself like God loves you. Treat yourself like your own best friend. Nurture the garden within - draw more positive energy into your life.

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