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  • AMTA- American Music Therapy Association
    To advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world. Information, how to find a music therapist, a members-only area that includes career assistance and job posting, the uses of music therapy for specific population groups, research, listservs, schools, journals, and welcome-to-the-profession packets for interns.

  • Healing Music Enterprises - Kentucky
    Founder Dr. Alice Cash is a clinical musicologist, professor and educator, international keynote speaker, performer and workshop leader, and a clinical therapist. Information on her company and herself, clips, features, interviews, services, products, testimonials, an e-zine, calendar, awards, and a general introduction.

  • Music Therapy Online
    A guide to music therapy and music psychotherapy services, both established and alternative forms of therapy. Information for people seeking therapy, healthcare providers, healthcare and educational organizations, and human resources personnel.

  • Musicians' Wellness, Inc.
    A non-profit organization created to use music therapy to treat musicians with mental illnesses. Information on the vision, programs, company, services, board of directors, partners, endorsements, conference papers, published research, upcoming events, future plans, and links.

  • Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy UK
    Music therapy services to adults and children in the UK and abroad, with training in therapy to the professional level. Information on international research, the Centre, what is music therapy, services, library facilities, fund raising, conferences, short courses, and related links.

  • Stanley Jordan
    Geared to his guitar music and tour schedule, Jordan also offers information in the area of music therapy - articles written by Jordan, a compilation of emotional and behavioral changes caused by music therapy, and a very extensive links page.

  • HeartMath Research Center
    Explores research of how the heart communicates with the brain and vice versa. Many of the research articles refer to the use of music therapy to regulate the heart and thus improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and improve the ability of a person to deal with panic and other mental disorders. Music research is also contained within the Research Overview booklet, which can be accessed on-line.

  • The Music Therapy Link
    Information and resources about the profession of Music Therapy. Includes a list of websites of schools that offer music therapy, a collection of search results for "music therapy", and national and global sites.

  • Coast Music Therapy
    Specializing in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Offers an overview of music therapy, related research, and practical tips on using music to teach skills at home or school. Services provided in San Diego county.

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