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  • Jennerich, Jim
    Offers hypnosis, reiki, and massage with a specialty in working with boxing and martial arts athletes. Contains information on the therapist, news and events, services, an FAQ, testimonials, and photos. Located in New York, United States.

  • Hypnosis and Romance
    Gain an understanding for how conditioning of your subconscious mind can improve your love life, by letting go of old roadblocks that have not served your romantic destiny. A program to help people do this is available here.

  • Behavior and Mood Clinic in Chicago
    Counseling and therapy services for adolescents and adults for various mental health concerns including, depression, anger management, couples, anxiety. Hypnotherapy is offered either as a stand alone or part of more traditional therapy.

  • Cellular Wisdom
    Friedemann Schaub, MD PhD uses a unique blend of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, NLP and his medical background to balance and stimulate the Mind-Body Connection and thus to activate each individuals potential to heal, change, and succeed.

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