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  • Chris Wright
    The latest tools, skills, and understandings in conscious relationships, emotional healing, the Enneagram, sacred lovemaking and meditation for personal growth and transformation. Couples counseling, marriage counseling, and online relationship information (PDF format). Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

  • WillingSpirits
    Marriage enrichment or couple enrichment begins with personal growth. A place to explore, consider, choose, grow, heal. "After the Affair: Recovery from the Trauma", recovery discussion, and resources for love and intimacy marriage enrichment.

  • Net Counsellor
    Email/web counselling for singles and couples in online relationships or for those with substance or other abuse problems. Articles about communication and relationship tips. Referrals to other sites for services.

  • Life & Relationship Coaches
    Janis McCann PhD and David McCann PhD. Experienced counselors/coaches specializing in Imago relationship therapy, Getting the Love You Want workshops, and voice dialogue therapy. Available for retreats, workshops, in- office sessions or telephone sessions for individuals, couples, and groups.

  • Loveworks
    A couples education workshop for married, pre-marital, co-habiting, and gay/lesbian couples. A two-day weekend workshop. Focuses on key relationship skills including how to manage conflict, how to create a shared vision, how to build credibility and trust, and how to grow together in peace, love, and harmony.

  • Life Innovations
    Helps couples prepare for marriage (PREPARE Program) and to enrich the marriage of those already married (ENRICH Program). Search for a couneslor, books, or take the couple's quiz.

  • Retrouvaille
    A live-in weekend and post weekend program for married couples. The emphasis is on a new technique of communication between a husband and wife. Seminars offered in many countries.

  • Emotionet
    Specializes in online counseling for relationship difficulties, marriage problems, and emotional stress. Online consultation and support available via email sessions.

  • Empathy-Index
    Increase empathy by improving communication and listening skills. A questionnaire for all couples and relationships. A technique for therapy and couples counseling.

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