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  • New Outlook
    Your chance to talk to professional psychotherapist and career counselor through e-mail and phone. Professional and confidental. Counseling, career and mentoring services.

  • The Help Line
    Telephone counseling 24 hours a day for alcololism, drugs, depression, drug abuse, alcohol, rape, AIDS, insomnia, stress, cocaine, subtance abuse, cancer, and suicide.

  • TalkDoctors
    A professional telephone counselling and consultation service. Provides advice and coaching on dating, relationships, family development, stress management and personal and spiritual growth.

  • Immediate Counseling for Fear of Flying
    Immediate professional counseling and therapy for fear of flying by airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn LCSW. Service is intended to meet the needs of people stranded at an airport unable to board an airplane, and for people whose anxiety becomes excessive as a flight date approaches.

  • Let's Talk Hotline
    Telephone advice and counseling. Center has intervened in hundreds of potential crisis in which violent acts where never carried out. Mission is to stop the killings in our schools, our families and communities.

  • Call a Therapist
    National network of thoroughly screened, experienced, qualified therapists to help and insure that your concerns are addressed in the most professional way possible.

  • Meridian LDC
    A private, quality telephone counselling and life coaching service offered by fully-qualified, caring professionals. Based in Australia, telephone counsellors, therapists and life coaches are available to domestic and International clients.

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