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  • All-Natural Anti-Inflammatory  pop
    The Worlds First and Only Natural Botanical Anti-Inflammatory COX-2 & 5-LOX Selective Inhibitor That Provides Prescription Strength Pain Relief Without Any Side Effects! Introducing Vaxamine™, an incredible evolution in pain relievers. Now you can experience fast, safe relief from pain and inflammation with none of the potentially harmful side effects commonly experienced with prescription drugs. Many common pain relievers, both prescription and OTC (Over The Counter), can cause stomach problems and even cardiovascular issues. Vaxamine™ was formulated as a natural alternative to such drugs as Vioxx®, Celebrex®, Ibuprofen, and other NSAID’s. Using patented technologies and natural botanical extracts, we have developed a proprietary formula that inhibits two enzymes that are actively involved in the inflammatory process.

  • Naturodoc
    Naturopathic products and health care, from online and telephone consultations to a natural pharmacy. Maintained by Thomas Stearns Lee, Phoenix, Arizona.

  • HealThy Self Naturopathic Medicine
    Welcome to HealThy Self Naturopathic Services! We offer Naturopathic medicine and Professional Massage. We will work with you to determine your present health situation and to provide time-tested, safe natural and effective alternatives to your current treatment program. Dr. Gentry is a licensed primary care physician (family doctor) in Washington State, experienced in caring for patients with a wide variety of health conditions, including: · High Blood Pressure (hypertension) · Diabetes · Acute and chronic muscle pain · Joint Pain (arthritis) · Allergies · Fatigue · Depression · Headaches · Indigestion · Infections (help for flu season!) · Weight management · Prostate disorders · Menopausal symptoms · Skin disorders · Routine Medical Exam · Sports Physicals

  • Blue Rose Holistics, LLC
    Dr. Lori Lee, ND, CTN, and Dr. Timothy Lee, ND, CTN, provide a variety of holistic healing modalities for clients and training and certification CEU's in Reiki and Reflexology for nurses and massage therapists from their clinic in Ripley, West Virginia.

  • Medicine Talk
    Medicine Talk is an online community that provides scientific-based health information from a Naturopathic perspective. We offer many different types of resources to help people take control of their health through self-education. Our information has been well-researched and verified by a Naturopathic Doctor. We offer a number of free resources. Our mission is to provide high-quality information that is founded upon Naturopathic principles and is supported by research, clinical evidence, and scientific knowledge in order to provide individuals with the opportunity to educate themselves.

  • Naturopathic Medicine in Miami Beach Florida
    We are a full service family practice clinic offering a range of services from alternative medicine to acupuncture and more. We also offer group meditation classes for stress reduction, relaxation, and optimal health & wellbeing! Many PPO insurances accepted! Call us today!



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