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  • House of Light
    Personal Spiritual retreat and healing center. The founders dedicated this site to personal ascension, particularly to those wishing to overcome the fear of intimacy as they journey towards the experience of unconditional Love.

  • Roselight
    Seminars and home study materials. Roselight's teachings are by Amy Skezas with the collaboration of Athabascar and the Communities of Light.

  • Masterpath
    Sri Gary Olsen introduces mantra yoga, and talks about the difference between esoteric and exoteric spirituality. Check for upcoming events and times.

  • Natural Healing UK
    Organiser of the Mind, Body, and Soul exhibitions that promote New Age therapies, personal growth, and spiritual awareness throughout the South of the UK, highlighting current schedules and exhibitor information.

  • WholeExpo
    Holistic and metaphysical conferences and expositions with exhibits and renowned speakers covering mind, body, and spirit. Includes exhibitor list, seminar topics, and member directory.


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