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  • Lightworker
    Articles, message boards, chat, products, seminars and general information to assist lightworkers remember who they are, why they are here and what to do next.

  • Spirit of Ra
    Dedicated to personal alchemy and the transition of the planet with resources on light, sound, solar activity, healing, Psychophysics, and bioenergetics.

  • Crimson Circle
    Colorado group which meets both on the internet and in person to receive channeled material and to celebrate the journey of light, includes upcoming events, recommended products, message board, and past channelings.

  • Network 2012
    An international communications hub for linking Lightworkers around the world, includes news and resources, projects, related links, and how to join.

  • Actualism
    A spiritual organization dedicated to the process of learning to relate to the Actual Self within each person. Includes lessons of light, recommended reading, lightworkers experiences, and Star Path Centers.

  • Open2Love
    A spiritual community for wanderers, starseeds, walk-ins, and lightworkers. Features discussion board, member profiles, web directory, and bookstore.

  • Sageheart Alliance
    Seeking to bring together those who have awakened to new consciousness and wish to assist others in becoming aware. Contains articles, current groups, and an online bookstore.

  • Light Net
    Non-political organization for those who want to serve humanity, and who understand the way to universal change is through realigning with positive energy.


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