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  • Emissary of Light
    Peace Troubadour James Twyman had an experience in the summer of 1995 that would forever change his life. His book, Emissary of Light recounts the incredible series of coincidences which led this peace troubadour through war-torn Bosnia to a secluded mountainous area. It was there he met the Emissaries of Light, a secret society said to have existed for thousands of years

  • The Meaning of Life
    Book by Tom Gregory addresses matters of the soul, mysteries of the universe and life's everyday challenges. Topics include: creation of our souls and the universe, karma and reincarnation, children, relationships, sex, work, aging, and death.

  • Optimum Self
    Awareness exercises and simple meditation techniques, tips and secrets of the ancients revealed in eBook for fulfillment, peace of mind and happiness.

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