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  • Eternal Ice
    Offers crystals and gemstones as well as private layouts, classes, and workshops. Includes online shopping with photos and prices of each stone.

  • Amulets & Talisman Store is Your Source for Quality NEW AGE Products. Amulets, Talisman, Gemstone Carvings, New Age Jewelry, Jade Silver Pendants, Evil Eye Charms, Feng Shui Items, Gemstone Keychains and Lucky Charms, Good Luck Gifts and Many Exclusive Gemstone Products.

  • Raven and Crone
    Raven and Crone Online Wiccan supplies, Tumbled Stones, Healing Crystals and New age gift store. We carry a large and beautiful supply of tumbled stones and crystals. Raven and Crone has witchcraft supplies and new age gift ware. There are over 1500 products including essential oils, herbs, spell crafting tools, incense, ritual items, candles, witch and wiccan jewelry including pentacles and pentagrams. We usually ship within 48 hours and are adding new products daily

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