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  • New Age Lifestyle
    How to adopt a New Age lifestyle as an alternative to traditional Western beliefs and practices. Includes sections on health and well being, approaches to religion and spirituality, and helping the environment.

  • World Light Fellowship
    Articles on ascension, healing and general spirituality, guidance for lightworkers, and channeled material from various ascended masters. Includes a database of alternative healers, centers, publishers, and related topics.

  • Someone Else's Yesterday
    True-life story of reincarnation. In 1903 Confederate General John B. Gordon published his memoirs. In the year 2003, he did it again. Someone Else's Yesterday; The Confederate General & Connecticut Yankee: A Past Life Revealed

  • Ancient Paths Modern Ways
    Ancient Paths have been walked through out history. Different names, different countries many choosing to help and advise when needed. Itís OUR VISION to help bring these Ancient Paths into Modern Ways. With respect for both our Advisors and our Clients ....... a safe haven for both. We have Daily Horoscopes, LoveScopes, Monthly Astrology Forecasts, and many reports to choose from. When you are ready we also have very gifted Advisors available for private Consultations. Whatever path youíve chosen on this journey. It may not be the smoothest. At times You might need some insight ...Our Advisors are here to assist.

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