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  • PureSweet
    Offers natural sugar substitute made from stevia, with zero calories and is ideal for diabetics or those looking to reduce their sugar intake.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Home Uses
    Hydrogen peroxide uses from home cleaning to gardens, houseplants, pets and more. includes resources, articles and information on using safe non toxic hydrogen peroxide for zero environmental impact cleaning, home, garden and personal care uses. Eliminate toxins and replace them with clean healthy H2O2 which breaks down to oxygen and water in the environment.

  • Lifesource o2 Oxygen Spa Bar
    LifeSource O2 Oxygen Spa Bar 2406A Bloor St West (At the Bloor and Jane Subway) You are what you Breathe!!!! ENERGIZE, ENERGIZE, REVITALIZE, REVITALIZE CALL NOW: (647) 436-8721 FOR MEN & WOMEN ( SUMMER SPECIAL: 30 % OFF ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ) The OXYGEN BATH and Bar will assist in the following:  Increases circulation in the entire body.  Helps control Diabetic circulation problems and symptoms.  Completely hydrates & oxygenates the skin and internal organs.  Aids respiratory conditions, asthma, allergies and bronchitis.  Removes toxins ,(((CLEANS UNDER YOUR SKIN )))  Burns 200-450 calories per 20 minute session  Restores oxygen , depleted by pollution, diet, stress, smoking and aging  Stimulates vasodilatation of to relieve pain in sore joints and arthritis Breathe & Bathe in Oxygen for a Healthier & youthful Life!!!

  • Detox Your Body
    Discover easy and natural ways to detox, including detox diets, infrared saunas, detox bath, heavy metal detox and learn how to detox your liver and colon as well as natural health information.

  • Orgone Energy Protection & Energy Healing Products
    Schumann Resonance Energy Healing Protection Products & Orgone Energy can improve the health and well-being of your family immensely. We provide Orgone Energy generators, Schumann Generators, Orgone devices, Orgone products, Schumann Resonance chi Domes, Wifi radiation shields, mobile phone radiation shields, cell phone radiation shields, computer radiation shields, Orgone pendants, Orgone jewellry, EMR protection pendants & Geoclense EMR harmonizers. Our Schumann Resonance products provide protection from noxious energies, bringing the energy of your home or workplace back to nature. Orgone Energy Cures and Schumann Resonance products remove electromagnetic radiation and Geopathic stress, restoring balance, health and well-being. Orgone Energy products and Schumann Frequencies protect you and your family from these noxious energies, as they remove the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress and other noxious energies such as electrical wiring, mobile phones and WiFi radiation with these unique Orgone Energy Healing Energy Protection products and Schumann Resonance generators produced using our unique Orgonium technology. Our amazing products work by harmonizing and neutralizing Geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation, noxious energies, earth energies, fault lines, benker crossings, ghost lines, ley lines, 400 grid crossing, microwave beams, mobile phone radiation, wifi & computer radiation, fluro lights, noxious energies, water veins, improves growth of all plants. These truly innovative, energy enhancing products to bring the energy of your home or office back to nature.

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