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  • Sorites
    Electronic international quarterly of analytical philosophy. dedicated to the promotion of analytical standards of rigour and clarity, favours no particular school or tendency within analytical philosophy.

  • Ends and Means
    Journal of the Centre for Philosophy, Technology and Society at the University of Aberdeen, devoted to philosophical explorations of the social, moral and conceptual implications of modern technology. Selected archives, online article submission.

  • CLE e-Prints
    Publishes pre-prints of academic articles of higher level in logic, epistemology and history of science, of which at least one of the authors is an official member or a visiting researcher of CLE or is attached to some academic group of CLE (Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Scienceof the University of Campinas, Brazil).

  • Labyrinth
    Peer-reviewed international on-line journal for philosophy, feminist theory, and cultural hermeneutics, edited by the Institute for Axiological Research, Austria (ISSN 1561-8927). Includes articles in English, French and German. Free on-line subscriptions allowed.

  • Methodologia Online
    Online journal of the methodology of philosophy of mind and language. Associated with the Society of Methodological-Operative Culture. Full-text for recent issues, abstracts and contents for past issues, and working papers available. In Italian and English.


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